Dehumidifier GETI GMD821

Dehumidifier GETI GMD821
Dehumidifier GETI GMD821
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Geti GMD821 dehumidifier is equipped with an advanced humidity control function that automatically switches the unit on / off when the set value is reached. The dehumidifier works on the basis of a Peltier module, which makes it very light and quiet. The Peltier module uses only electrical power, no compressor or cooling gases are present. Its use is therefore environmentally friendly. Due to its compact size, it can be placed practically anywhere where the undesirable moisture problem occurs.

Product parameters:

- dehumidification of small rooms (up to 30 m2)
- LCD display with current humidity indicator
- possibility to set the required humidity
- automatic shutdown when tank is full

Technical parameters:

- power supply: adapter 230V AC, 50Hz / 12V DC, 5A
- power consumption: 60 W
- dehumidification capacity: 750 ml / 24 hours at + 30 ° C / 80% rel. humidity
- tank capacity: 2 l
- weight: 2,20 kg
- noise level: 38 dB
- dimensions: 223 x 351 x 181 mm
- working temperature: 15 - 40 C°

Technical parameters

Dehumidifying capacity: l/den
Recommended room size: m2
Tank capacity: l
Noise level: dB
Power consumption: W
Weight: kg

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