Quality electronics and electrical engineering at an affordable price level. Wide range of products for households and companies. Thoroughly tested goods. Comprehensive services for business partners. All this is Geti, a brand of electronic products and electrical engineering of the middle and upper class.

Existing partners

Quality and affordable products

Electronics and electrical engineering from premium manufacturers boast high quality, but in the vast majority of cases it is also associated with a premium purchase price. For cheap products, the low price is often offset by low quality. Geti products therefore strive to take the best of both worlds: Proven and regularly tested technology meets strict high-quality requirements while maintaining an affordable price.

Wide range

From classic coaxial cables, LED bulbs and aroma diffusers to practical laboratory sources and lead-acid batteries. Geti's range of electronics and electrical engineering covers a wide range of products that can be used in households and companies. In addition, the range is regularly updated with new, always carefully selected and tested goods.

Complex services

Direct contact, flexible supply, sales support, complaint handling and service. Geti provides its partners with everything they need for trouble-free sales and the solution of any non-standard situations.

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