About us

Many years of experience, careful product selection and emphasis on high quality while maintaining a reasonable price. This is Geti, a brand that brings a wide range of proven electrical engineering of the middle and upper class for households and companies to the Czech and Slovak markets.

Home appliances

Aroma diffusers, dehumidifiers, table lamps, magnifiers or safes with an electronic lock. Geti home technology always means first-class and proven quality at a pleasantly affordable price.

Industrial technology

Laboratory power supplies for electronic devices or ultrasonic cleaners to combat surface contaminants. And not just them. Geti is at home in industrial, corporate and laboratory technology.

LED žiarovky a pásiky

LED bulbs and strips

And let there be light. The Geti range also includes a range of energy-saving LED bulbs and strips in various shades of white and bright colors. There are also compatible switching power supplies for convenient connection of LED strips to electricity.


Coaxial cables, antenna IEC and F cables, HDMI cables, USB cables, double lines and flexo cords. Geti cables transmit image, sound, data and the electricity itself. Of course, in high quality.


And much more

But that's not the end of it. Geti regularly expands its range with other up-to-date technology, home appliances or smart devices.

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