Geti repellents

Is your garden under siege of rodents? Don't let the lawn and crop you've worked so hard on to be ravaged. Geti ultrasonic and solar repellers gently and effectively scare away martens, rodents, voles and other rodents using modern technologies. The ultrasound signal has an unpleasant effect on the animal's nervous and auditory system, the automatic change of frequency ensures that the pest leaves its territory and never returns.

Mole and voles repeller Geti GMR110
from 11,63 € incl. VAT
Mole repleller with motor Geti GMR160
from 12,36 € incl. VAT
Pest repeller GETI GPR170 multifunctional
from 37,46 € incl. VAT
Rodent repeller Geti GPR130
from 20,79 € incl. VAT
Rodent repeller Geti GRR120
from 11,21 € incl. VAT
Rodent repeller Geti GRR140
from 8,71 € incl. VAT
Solar pest repeller GPR150
from 22,88 € incl. VAT