GETI lead battery replacement for RBC30

GETI lead battery replacement for RBC30
GETI lead battery replacement for RBC30
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Replacement battery for backup sources for RBC29, RBC46, RBC30

Premium quality Geti AGM type lead acid battery. It is suitable as a replacement for batteries for backup UPS systems, backup sources for all EMS, EPS and telecommunications applications, backup lamps and rechargeable lamps, toys, control systems, alarms, mobile warning and signaling devices, etc. It is a maintenance-free, hermetically sealed accumulator , which allows any working position.

Technical parameters:

- production technology: VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) - valve-controlled lead acid batteries
- type: AGM
- voltage: 12 V
- capacity: 5 Ah
- dimensions: 90 x 70 x 101 mm
- total height (with terminals): 107 mm
- connection (terminals): flat connector 6.35 mm
- weight: approx. 1.6 kg

- packaging: 1 pc

The set contains only new batteries, which you can use to replace existing and non-functioning batteries in your device. The set does not contain connection connectors, jumpers or other components.

Compatible with models:
UPS BE500, FSP FP 400, PW-4050T 500VA, UPS BF350-AZ, UPS BF350-GR, UPS BF500-GR, UPS BF500-RS, UPS BF350-IT, UPS BF350-RS, UPS BF350-UK, UPS BF500- AZ, UPS BF500-FR, , UPS BF500-UK, PW-4055T 550VA, ECO 500, ECO 500VA.

Technical parameters

Voltage: V
Capacity: Ah
Width (mm): mm
Height (mm): mm
Depth (mm): mm
Weight: kg

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