Gel battery 12V 100Ah Geti for solar systems

Gel battery 12V 100Ah Geti for solar systems
Gel battery 12V 100Ah Geti
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The gel type Geti lead-acid battery is especially suitable for solar and wind energy systems and caravans, but also as a battery replacement for UPS backup systems, backup power supplies, burglar alarm applications, EPS, telecommunications, mobile warning and signaling devices, etc. It is a maintenance-free, hermetically sealed battery which allows any working position.

Technical parameters:

- production technology: VRLA - valve regulated lead acid
- type: GEL
- voltage: 12 V
- capacity: 100 Ah
- dimensions: 328 x 172 x 217 mm
- overall height (with terminals): 220 mm
- weight: approx. 29.5 kg
- internal resistance (fully charged battery): 5 mΩ
- self-discharge process <3%, 25 ° C

- package: 1 pc

Technical parameters

Battery type: deep cycle batteries
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 100Ah
Width (mm): 328mm
Height (mm): 220mm
Depth (mm): 172mm
Weight: 30kg
Terminals type: F12

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