Extension lead 1 socket 2m Geti GEC12

Extension lead 1 socket 2m Geti GEC12
Extension lead 1 socket 2m Geti GEC12
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Extension cables are a necessary part of any household, workshop or a garden. If you have a mains socket far from a device you need to power, an extension cable is the best solution. It will allow you to connect several devices to the electrical grid from one main outlet.

Technical parameters:

- type: Geti GEC12
- number of sockets: 1
- cable length: 2 m
- 250 V~/10 A max.
- maximum load: 2300 W
- material: PVC
- colour: white
- packaging: 1 pc

Technical parameters

Number of drawers:
Rated voltage: 230V
Lenght (m): 2m
Max. current: 10A
Color: white
Material: PVC

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